Timex Ironman Global Trainer GPS watch

timex ironman global trainer

Update: We managed to get our hands on the Global Trainer before it hit the UK shops. You can read our review of the Timex Global Trainer here.

Today, Timex announced the release of the latest addition to their GPS watch range, the Timex Ironman Global Trainer.

With waterproofing capabilities to a depth of 50 metres, it is easy to see that Timex will be launching the Global Trainer in direct competition to the Garmin Forerunner 310XT, the only true Triathlon GPS Watch on the market today.

As well as being waterproof, the watch also provides real time speed, pace and distance information which are provided via the built in SiRFStar III module.

The Timex Global Trainer also has a customisable display which lets the user decide on which functions they would like showing at any time, the watch face can incorporate up to 4 functions at one time meaning a wealth of information can be readily available to the user. Although whether someone in the middle of a race will have time to view and process four different sets of information is another matter.

The watch comes with ANT+ wireless which means that it can be used in conjunction with timex bike sensors and heart rate monitors. More impressively, it can also be used with third party heart and bike monitors. This flexibility is a big plus in our view as it means a users existing technology isn't rendered redundant.

In our view, this is a smart launch by Timex.  The waterproof capabilities of the Timex Global Trainer means that swimmers, triathletes and ironmen will now have a genuine alternative to the Garmin Forerunner 310XT.  While we rank the 310XT very highly, competition in the marketplace is always good for users and Timex's announcement has just doubled the number of Swimming GPS watches on the market today.

The Glovbal Trainer will start shipping in May 2010 at a yet to be disclosed price.

Edit:  Well May has come and gone with no sign of this watch.  Timex have now stated that the release date will be September 2010.

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