Suunto T6D GPS Watch

The Suunto T6D Heart Rate Monitor

Having its start in compact but immensely useful navigation equipment, Sunnto is one brand that has been on top of its game for some time now. Many people, athletes in particular, know Suunto as one of the more cutting edge watch brands who also specialize in intuitive wrist mounted equipment such as GPS receivers, heart rate monitors, and all in one athletic wrist watches jam packed with features made with the athlete or outdoorsman in mind.

In fact, many of the Suunto watches are so technologically advanced that some have even taken to calling these watches “wrist computers.” We live in a day and age where technology is advancing so fast that one can only try to keep up with such advancements. Even people who run for a living still struggle to keep up, but luckily, we have products like the Suunto T6D to help us get to where we need to be, and to even tell us how fast we were going there in the first place.

Key Features of the Suunto T6D

Unlike other companies whose watches come with half baked heart rate monitor features, the Suunto T6d is geared specifically for athletes and runners serious about their sports. The included Training Effect feature is solid proof of this, and is designed to effectively monitor aerobic levels during training and conditioning sessions.

The large internal memory can store up to 30 logs of recorded data across the many features, making it relatively easy to record training data for analysis when not on the move. For this purpose, the T6D package includes a USB cable and software to sync the device to your computer.

The optional GPS POD, short for peripheral observation device, is supported with the T6D heart rate monitor. This will allow the user measure positional variables such as distance travelled as well as area coordinates. Being a wrist mounted device means the Suunto T6D also functions like a regular chronograph does, including flexible features an athlete would typically find in a watch such as a stopwatch, countdown timer and interval timer.

However, the additional features do not mean that the digital heart monitor was skimped on, as the product is specially produced to calculate current and average heart rates in real time. Results can be transmitted and analyzed across the other included features such as the Training Effect feature. The screen itself is easily readable while on the run, and is even fully customizable so that only information relevant to the athlete presents itself.

Under the Hood of the Suunto T6D Heart Rate Monitor

With a multitude of capabilities and various options for expansion packed under the sleek form factor of a wristwatch, the Suunto T6D is an ideal choice for just about any outdoor athletic activity. An athlete must learn how to use the tools at his disposal, though, as somebody who has a tool but does not know how to use it is tantamount to not having a useful tool at all.

The Suunto T6D comes standard with a coded chest strap required for the heart rate monitor functionality. As athlete in the old days went with measuring the maximum heart rate the old way, or simply subtracting the athlete's age from 220, the Suunto T6D takes all the manual guesswork out of the equation entirely. The Suunto Comfort belt chest strap is as comfortable to wear as it is secure and fully functional. This also makes swimming with the strap on a possibility, making it a valuable tool for the tri-athlete.

The T6D's heart rate monitor features Impact Gauge functionality, offering the athlete a precise estimate of how optimal your heart is functioning. Suunto's T6D also comes with measurement for EPOC, or the post-exercise oxygen consumption level. This variable pertains to the additional amount of oxygen the body needs to recover from exercise, and is useful for calculating the Traning Effect within the watch itself.

The Suunto T6D's heart rate monitor possesses other expandable features that may help the athlete optimize his or her fitness regimen according to the recorded statistics. This includes the integrated Suunto Training Manager PC software, giving the athlete analytical capabilities which were only thought to be available in sports laboratories. This kind of precision available helps the user track nearly every aspect within a selected fitness regimen, including in-depth evaluation of up to 7 biometric details which may help the athlete analyze his or her performance for future reference and improvement.

The Suunto t6d includes a built-in altimeter that does not require any GPS functionality to use. This can help measure ascent efficiency when running uphill or downhill, or to gauge how the athlete's body functions at varying elevations. This can also be accurately calculated alongside the Training Effect feature.

A number of full sports watch features are standard to this wrist computer. A standard stopwatch, countdown timer and interval timer are included. As many as 99 split times can be stored in the built in memory. Times can also be compared alongside the heart rate sensing functions, resulting in pulse-specific times and zones and number of calories burned in real-time.

As expandibility is a touted feature on the Suunto T6D, accessories such as the GPS POD, or peripheral observation device, can be added later to unlock even more features on the device. A bike mount is also available for the T6D, so those who participate in triathlons will be able to maximize the use of this handy heart rate monitor to its full potential.

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