Compare Prices of Polar RS800CX Run, Bike and Multi Sport

polar rs800cx GPs watchThe prices of Polar RS800CX can be found below. If you need additional information on the watch you can read our review of the best GPS watches on the market where the Polar finished second. Alternatively you can read a full review of the watch here.  The Polar RS800CX comes in four different models depending on the intended use.  The models are as follows:

  • Polar RS800CX - comes with no sensors
  • Polar RS800CX Run - comes with S3 Stride sensor to allow for more detailed analysis of runs including for example stride length and cadence
  • Polar RS800CX Bike - comes with a W.I.N.D. Bike sensor for use with your bike
  • Polar RS800CX Multi - comes with a G3 GPS sensor

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