Polar RS300x G1

Coming in at number 9 in our top ten list of the best GPS watches, the  Polar RS300X G1 GPS Heart Rate Monitor is a great option for the recreational runner. While not strictly a GPS watch straight out of the box, the RS300X can paired with a Polar G1 foot sensor to provide all of the function of a GPS running watch at a great value for money price.

The Polar RS300x G1 GPS Watch

Athletes and their intense lifestyles demand the most out of the gear they use. The extra features and durability which athletic gear has can be used for the most gruelling athletic competitions or to simply make going about daily life more comfortable. The sheer amount of gear tailor made by the many manufacturers for athletic purposes make the choices tough, especially so for athletic watches. Other functions are sought by athletes in a watch besides being able to tell the time, such as a stopwatch or more recently introduced features like a heart rate monitor or GPS functionality.

Thankfully, many manufacturers have jam-packed features never before imagined into the compactness of a wristwatch. In addition to the typical digital watch features such as a stopwatch and backlight, advanced features tailor made for the athlete and outdoorsman such as GPS tracking, speed and measurement counters and software functionality make the Polar RS300x G1 GPS watch one to look out for.

Advanced Features and Functionality: the Polar RS300x G1 GPS Watch

A proper training regimen is now assured with a feature packed watch such as the Polar RS300x G1 GPS Watch. Heart rate monitors and training zone modes make planning a workout or run easier for the user, allowing for creation and customization for a number of different variables. This makes adjusting your workout and the recording of statistics easily adaptable to your pace and training intensity according to your body’s capabilities easier with the functionality of the Polar RS 300X G1.

The G1 in the name stems from the Polar G1 GPS sensor, which has been included in this incarnation of the watch. The featured Polar G1 GPS Sensor means that statistics such as speed, pace and distance travelled when partaking in outdoor activities are recorded accurately. This makes the Polar RS300x G1 GPS watch a formidable companion, paired up with the training zone, pace and intensity features already standard to the watch.

Multi-sport functionality is made possible with the Polar RS 300X G1 watch. This makes taking the watch out for a bike ride after running easy, and the waterproof casing resistant up to 50 meters makes it a good companion for a swim.

Data functionality with a computer is another unique feature to this particular watch, as the RS300X has built in compatibility with Polar FlowLink devices and computer software, allowing the user to transfer and store data gathered from your training routine to a hard disk or other storage media.

In Depth with The Polar RS300x G1 GPS Watch

Designed for runners and sportsmen from the ground up, those who want to improve the quality of their workouts may also find the Polar RS300x G1 GPS watch particularly useful. The waterproof plastic housing is as durable as it is compact and lightweight, and contains all necessary features standard on all Polar sports watches.

The RX300X G1 is capable of storing data for up to the last sixteen workouts that you have recorded data for. This includes a heart rate monitor, which displays percentages of maximum heart rate, BPM, and the average heart rate after an exercise routine. Sniffing out areas of your workout where you are lacking can help build over your weaknesses and lead to an overall higher level of performance as a result of a more effective workout regimen.

A built in event timer also helps the user psyche up for the next running event he may have signed up for. The event timer will count down the number of days to an event, so the user may plan his workout regimen accordingly before the event.

The intuitive interface and easy to press buttons make the Polar RS300X G1 easy to use with even runners who are only starting out. Combined with the intuitive interface, the added GPS functionality picks up satellite signals quickly, making data gathering and sorting on the go a quick and easy process.

Visual and audible alarms can be enabled for different target zones, informing the user every time his or her heart rate, speed and pace exceeds or falls below target zones during a training session. Endurance runners will find this particular feature handy, since maintaining a steady pace during a run is the key to success.

Get Ahead with Features Exclusive to the Polar RS300X G1 GPS Watch

Ingenious, proprietary Polar branded features included with the watch expand its functionality further than the garden variety features common on other sports watches.

This includes the Polar OwnIndex Fitness Test, which calculates aspects of aerobic fitness. This provides an accurate reference to base training intensity as well measure improvements achieved by the user after modifying his or her workout. User gender, age, body weight, as well as the user’s level of physical activity and heart rate are considered variables and factors which can affect training.

The Polar OwnIndex Fitness test also calculates the overall amount of oxygen used during the wearer's workout regimen. The saved information during a workout is compared to show the overall amount of improvement that the wearer achieves. This helps the user discern from workouts that promote improvement from ones that don't.

Polar Cal is an included feature that shows the wearer the overall amount of calories burned during a workout regimen. It is capable of storing the calorie data used during all of your workouts over a period of time set by the user, helping the user achieve weight loss goals.

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